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You will benefit from our mannequins for optimal practice regarding choking and heart attack!

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Connect from Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium :)

Why is this workshop so important?



In 95% of cases, choking deaths occur at home!



Food allergies affect up to 5 to 6% of young children.


Cardiac arrest

90% of sudden infant death syndrome cases occur between the ages of 2 and 4 months.



Injuries remain the leading cause of death and disability among children.

Bebesecours, at the service of families.

According to Canadian Pediatric Society:
"The majority of deaths from choking and suffocation occur during the first year of life, and the majority of hospitalizations, during the first three years, while a high risk of hospitalization persists until the age of six years. 95% of choking deaths occur at home."

Our passionate instructors are professionally trained to teach first aid to families, daycares and healthcare professionals.
Bebesecours was born out of a remarkable need in families, so we offer information sessions online and in person.

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Bebesecours, a useful and appreciated preparation!

We are very happy to be able to help so many parents to be prepared and confident in times of need.