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Baby and child first aid courses


VAS-ABC, learn these two simple annagrams to remember to have the right references to the right ones moment.

Airway clearance

Food, a toy, the tongue, or whatever a child can find, such as pebbles.
You will learn how to unblock your child's airways.


Your child has a heart attack, is unconscious and is not breathing. Learn the gestures that can save them.

Poisoning & Allergy

What reflex should you have in case of poisoning?
What are the signs of a severe allergy and how should you act?


This potentially fatal accident can lead to the malfunction many organs, learn what the symptoms are and the right way to act.


How to know if your child has a concussion?
Learn the symptoms and right way to act.

Et la liste n'est pas complète, vous aurez l'occasion de poser toutes vos questions !